Monday, December 2, 2013


Like I needed another blog, right?

Consider this the home on the web of the upcoming Medusa Small Business Festival. On November 30th, for 2013's Small Business Saturday, we were able to draw a sweet crowd of folks out of the warmth of their woodstoved living rooms to chat with (and hopefully buy from!) an amazing collection of hilltop vendors.

If we can manage a small crowd in the dreary days of November, I think we could possibly bring half the county for a festival in May. So let's do it. And let's do it great - how about workshop spaces this time? Food, song and entertainment? Let's see how many people we can get to engage in a yoga practice on the lawn behind the Firehouse! (Think: yoga as public art!)

If you'd like to be a vendor (and haven't already been in touch with me), drop me a line at Or Facebook me. Or come find me at my store in Medusa. Phone is the worst, but if you are determined, 239-6980.

I cannot wait!

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